ERP Software for Real Estate

Real Estate companies face several challenges in different areas of business like Pricing, project planning and execution, costing, compliance management etc. To make profits, they need to keep the costs down and stay competitive. They need to manage project planning, make proper site selection, do budgeting and manage regulatory issues.

Through an ERP software a real estate company can increase efficiencies and visibility of their business. It makes it possible to have a close view of their spending against their budget. It helps to reach to a real estate business' potential customers and keep a close watch on the opportunities.

It gives clear visibility and control over the projects along with managing projects, plans, locations and Brokers. It also allows to manage properties by integrating marketing, finance, collection etc. together. It allows to let out properties and handle complex admin tasks. It also manages leased out properties. It makes it possible to maintain building properly.

Sales Module maintains complete details of the projects. It also updates the project Details. On the basis of requirements of a customer, availability of a unit can be located. It handles new bookings. Full details of customers and dealers are available. It makes the task of Payment Scheduling simple.

Through Accounting Module revenue entries can be made. By just entering expense vouchers details, accounts are completed till Balance Sheet. The Details regarding Vendors Outstanding can be fetched. User can define Ledger Group and Accounts. The details of expenses and revenues are also available.

Inventory Management Module helps to maintain the details of all items including the details of suppliers. Items can be categorized under various groups. It maintains stock of multiple stores. It also maintains reorder level of various items.

eLiteERP helps in integrating all internal and external management information across the organization. It improves visibility and gives access to real time information. It helps in cutting costs and improving customer service. With eLiteERP you can streamline and automate business processes. It also makes it possible to have centralized control over real estate business.