eLiteERP is a smart windows based ERP solution primarily designed for Micro and Small enterprises looking for a cost effective solution which can enable them to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business solution.

To respond to changes in modern business world, every business needs an oomph factor to manage the change smoothly and emerge out as winner. For all this a perfect blend of activities is required which is possible only if you have 360°development, control, management and operational efficiency.eLiteERP a product of Accusol Technologies addresses to these requirements.

eLiteERP is software which offers solution for entire business processes with cutting edge technology to answer any small and mid-sized business needs. It integrates all functions that enable you to move flawlessly among all facets of your business, from order management to the plant floor to sales & distribution leading to reduced duplication and wastage.eLiteERP has different modules, which fulfill different requirements of your business. These easy -to –install and operate modules can be molded to function according to your demands so that you get maximum productivity out of your business. The user friendly ERP software includes modules like Financial Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Procurement, Inventory Management, Project Management and Quality Control. The easy-to-use and operate ERP solution can be up and running in two weeks flat and requires very little training and support. Analyzing the increasing demand of ERP in different segments of industry eLiteERP software has been categorized under different verticals like eLiteERP Enterprise serves for for Manufacturing, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate sectors. eLiteERP is undoubtedly one such ERP solution which can cater to innumerable verticals of industry depending on the requirement.